Other| Volume 32, ISSUE 3, Pxi, August 2016

Forthcoming Issue

        Forthcoming Issues

        November 2016

        Geriatric Pain Management
        M. Carrington Reid, Editor

        February 2017

        Rheumatic Diseases in Older Adults
        James D. Katz and Brian Walitt, Editors

        May 2017

        Mary Ann E. Zagaria, Editor

        Recent Issues

        May 2016

        Managing Chronic Conditions in Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease
        Michael W. Rich, Cynthia Boyd, and James T. Pacala, Editors

        February 2016

        Geriatric Oncology
        Arati V. Rao and Harvey Jay Cohen, Editors

        November 2015

        Geriatric Urology
        Tomas Lindor Griebling, Editor
        Urologic Clinics of North America, November 2015 (Vol. 42, No. 4)
        Contemporary Antibiotic Management for Urologic Procedures and Infections
        Sarah C. Flury and Anthony J. Schaeffer, Editors